Evesham Quaker Meeting

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Structures of Britain Yearly Meeting

Sub groups under BYM
  • Quaker Communications - media relations, publications, website, fundraising.
  • Quaker Property and Finance - accounts, investments- financial and property, meeting houses fund.
  • Quaker Life - supporting Meetings, children and young people, outreach, library, Swarthmore Hall.
  • Quaker Peace and Social Witness - peace, non-violence training, disarmament, economic justice, crime and community justice, prison work, ecumenical accompaniers in Israel and Palestine, one year placements, overseas peace building.
  • Local, Area and National Quaker Structures
    Local Meeting 2-19 per Area Meeting. The first place of belonging for most Quakers.
    Area Meeting About 70 in BYM. The focus of membership and primary authority.
    Regional Gatherings and General Meetings Support life and witness of Quakers in their area.
    (Not in all areas.)
    Britain Yearly Meeting Holds the ultimate authority for Quakers in Britain.
    Friends World committee for Consultation A channel of communication and support between Quakers worldwide.