Evesham Quaker Meeting

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Quaker Peace In Action


Evesham Quakers and Attenders continue to work for peace in a number of ways both locally and further afield.

Marching for Peace

Here are some images of some local Quakers marching against war.


One of the Meeting's attenders visited the West Bank looking at the health of Palestinians under the Occupation. Her report can be read here. Images from her visit may be found here.

Letter to David Cameron Concerning Libya

Many Quakers oppose all wars. In March 2011 British Quakers sent this letter to British Prime Minister, David Cameron.


A member of the Meeting has been associated with ACES (Aid for Children in El Salvador) for some years. ACES funds a childrens' day centre and a girls refuge in a depreived area of San Salvador city. Its aim is to give security to children at risk in the community. It cares for approximately 70 children. A selection of photographs from three visits to El Salvador are displayed here.

International Ecumenical Peace Convocation 2011 Kingston, Jamaica

In May 2011 the Meeting's Warden visited Kingston, Jamaica. His report may be read here. Images from his visit may be found here.

Friends World Committee for Consultation Europe and Middle East Section Annual Meeting

In April 2011 the Meeting's Warden visited Herzberg, near Aarau, in Switzerland to attend Friends World Committee for Consultation. He and Marie-Helene Drouin present their report here. Images from his visit may be found here.