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Peace Garden 

Meeting House In The Snow (80 kbytes)
Dove Above Meeting House (103 kbytes)
Dove Against Blue Sky (85 kbytes)
Peace Garden Looking Towards High Street (115 kbytes)
Camelias Outside The Meeting House in April (115 kbytes)
Sunny Garden And Bench (145 kbytes)
Sunny Garden Far Corner in May (145 kbytes)
Sunny Garden With Bell Tower In The Distance (114 kbytes)
Tulips and Forget-me-Nots (142 kbytes)
Peace Garden Tree In Far Corner (153 kbytes)
bench In Far Corner Of Peace Garden (122 kbytes)
Tulips, Forget-me-nots and Polyanthus (152 kbytes)
Framed Meeting House (133 kbytes)
Entrance To Peace Garden (159 kbytes)
Meeting House With Sun And Snow in February (85 kbytes)
Meeting House Sign And Sun Flower (93 kbytes)
The Dove And Meeting House In Snow (99 kbytes)
MIND Event 24 September 2009 (115 kbytes)
Meeting House 

The Meeting's Library (91 kbytes)
Table Circle Of Chairs Windows And Door To Garden (84 kbytes)
Circle Of Chairs And Door To The Hall (89 kbytes)
Circle Of Chairs And The Library (90 kbytes)
Kitchen from foyer centre (69 kbytes)
Kitchen units (52 kbytes)
Kitchen sinks (51 kbytes)
Foyer from kitchen (87 kbytes)
Leaflets (122 kbytes)
Notices (122 kbytes)
Kitchen From Foyer Right (67 kbytes)
Meeting House Entrance (73 kbytes)
Meeting House Down Passage (87 kbytes)
Renovated Panelling in the Meeting Room (53 kbytes)
Meeting Room Windows and Garden Door (75 kbytes)
View Across Meeting Room To Windows (77 kbytes)
Cowl Street 

Passage Showing Entrance For Children's Room (68 kbytes)
Entrance On Cowl Street (64 kbytes)
28 Cowl Street Close Up (76 kbytes)
28 Cowl Street Medium (64 kbytes)
28 Cowl Street and Meeting House (66 kbytes)
Cowl Street From Corner With Oat Street (54 kbytes)

The wailing Wall and access to the Dome of the Rock (49 kbytes)
Looking towards west Jerusalem (64 kbytes)
1-2000yr old olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane (90 kbytes)
The Al-Aq'sa Mosque which few Palestinians can ever visit (53 kbytes)
Bethlehem (52 kbytes)
Bethlehem (47 kbytes)
Ramallah, West Bank (57 kbytes)
Ramallah (62 kbytes)
Ramallah (121 kbytes)
Part of Friends International centre, Ramallah (69 kbytes)
On left the Dome of the Rock; ahead Mt of Olives; east Jerusalem beneath (62 kbytes)
The Wall with L refugee camp of Shefat, Israeli settlement ahead (taken from east Jerusalem) (60 kbytes)
Palestinian olive groves cut down by Israelis (71 kbytes)
Olive tree in Hebron home of Palestinians vandalised by illegal Israeli settler (106 kbytes)
Missile collection-thrown onto Hebron streets by Israeli settlers (135 kbytes)
Hebron (84 kbytes)
Ancient Hebron (106 kbytes)
Mosque in Hebron:alleged to house the tomb of Abraham (46 kbytes)
Hebron (65 kbytes)
Childrens Room 

Long shot of Children's Room (66 kbytes)
Bookshelf in the Children's Room (71 kbytes)
Door to Stairs in the Children's Room (83 kbytes)
Bookshelf in the Children's Room (96 kbytes)
Middle of the Children's Room (72 kbytes)
A Corner in the Children's Room (80 kbytes)
Children's Room Map and Painting (72 kbytes)
Peace Garden In Spring 

Daffodil and Ladybird Close-Up (37 kbytes)
Daffodil and Ladybird (45 kbytes)
Tulip (61 kbytes)
Peace Dove's Plaque (87 kbytes)
Primula (73 kbytes)
Tulips and Hyacinths (87 kbytes)
Hyacinth and celandine (66 kbytes)
Meeting House In Spring (72 kbytes)
Crocuses (108 kbytes)
Waiting for Summer (140 kbytes)
Peace dove surrounded by dafodills (156 kbytes)
Peace Dove In Context (116 kbytes)
Framed bench in Spring (164 kbytes)
Flowerbed in Spring (142 kbytes)
Peace Dove Title Plate (116 kbytes)
Peace dove in Spring (210 kbytes)
View out of the garden in Spring (109 kbytes)
View across the garden in Spring (137 kbytes)
Looking towards the old abbey is a yellow forsythia shrub (116 kbytes)
Daffodils in Spring (179 kbytes)
Peace dove from the side (217 kbytes)
Peace garden in Spring (95 kbytes)
Peace dove in Spring (231 kbytes)
Bench and silver birches (145 kbytes)
Connifers (129 kbytes)
View across the garden towards the Community Centre (122 kbytes)
Silver birch flower bed waiting for summer (144 kbytes)
A Celandine (46 kbytes)
A Celandine (54 kbytes)
A Mahonia (71 kbytes)
Tulips (110 kbytes)
Daffodil (71 kbytes)
Ladybird at work (35 kbytes)
Ladybird on a Leaf (82 kbytes)
Much Growing Still To Do (183 kbytes)
Mauve Tulip From Side (104 kbytes)
Largely Cut Down Tree (153 kbytes)
Peace Garden In Summer 

Purple and White Flower (100 kbytes)
Mixed Flowerbed in Summer (117 kbytes)
White Flower (75 kbytes)
Red Shrub (96 kbytes)
Pink and Yellow Flower (45 kbytes)
Yellow and White Flower (55 kbytes)
Meeting House In Summer (69 kbytes)
Part of a Flowerbed (117 kbytes)
Looking Across The Garden Towards The Community Centre (91 kbytes)
Looking Towards The High Street (77 kbytes)
Red/Orange Flower (71 kbytes)
Not Yet In Bloom (44 kbytes)
Starfish Flower (42 kbytes)
Flowers in Different Stages (90 kbytes)
Orange/Yellow Flower (73 kbytes)
Wasp at work in the garden (43 kbytes)
Yellow Flower (47 kbytes)
Mauve Flower (43 kbytes)
Violet Flower and Wasp (53 kbytes)
Purple and White Flower and Bee (52 kbytes)
Cones (78 kbytes)
The Meeting House in Summer (60 kbytes)
Framed Meeting House I (110 kbytes)
Framed Meeting House II (70 kbytes)
Plant (75 kbytes)
Bee on a Purple and White Flower (56 kbytes)
IEPC 2011 

Planting (119 kbytes)
In Context (66 kbytes)
A Speaker (45 kbytes)
At The Convocation (60 kbytes)
Two of the Panel (45 kbytes)
One of the Panel (45 kbytes)
Two of the Delegates (88 kbytes)
A Speaker (56 kbytes)
Waiting (34 kbytes)
FWCC 2011 

Talking Outside The Conference (92 kbytes)
Outside The Building (62 kbytes)
Outside Gathering (59 kbytes)

Up to Mischief (37 kbytes)
Shop in the district of the day centre (48 kbytes)
Exercise in the sunshine (57 kbytes)
Classwork at the day centre (53 kbytes)
Painting the outside of the day centre (41 kbytes)
Two girls where 5 live in a small space (59 kbytes)
Children of El Salvador (58 kbytes)
Joy of simple gifts from the UK (51 kbytes)
Mid morning snack (55 kbytes)
A rare treat, trip to the water centre (74 kbytes)
Homework at the refuge (44 kbytes)
Children receive a square meal in middle of the day (46 kbytes)


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